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Word Meanings - BREWER - Book Publishers vocabulary database

One who brews; one whose occupation is to prepare malt liquors.

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    The possessive of whosoever. See Whosoever.
    1. The act or process of occupying or taking possession; actual possession and control; the state of being occupied; a holding or keeping; tenure; use; as, the occupation of lands by a tenant. 2. That which occupies or engages the time
    A rare zeolitic mineral occurring in white monoclinic crystals with pearly luster. It is a hydrous silicate of aluminia, baryta, and strontia.
    The possessive case of who or which. See Who, and Which. Whose daughter art thou tell me, I pray thee. Gen. xxiv. 23. The question whose solution I require. Dryden.
    One who, or that which, prepares, fits, or makes ready. Wood.
    Made fit or suitable; adapted; ready; as, prepared food; prepared questions. -- Pre*par"ed*ly, adv. Shak. -- Pre*par"ed*ness, n.
    1. To fit, adapt, or qualify for a particular purpose or condition; to make ready; to put into a state for use or application; as, to prepare ground for seed; to prepare a lesson. Our souls, not yet prepared for upper light. Dryden. 2. To procure
    To render unprepared. Hobbes.
    Want of occupation.
    The state of being unemployed; want of occupation.
    1. The act of preoccupying, or taking possession of beforehand; the state of being preoccupied; prepossession. 2. Anticipation of objections. South.


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