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Word Meanings - FACTORY - Book Publishers vocabulary database

1. A house or place where factors, or commercial agents, reside, to transact business for their employers. "The Company's factory at Madras." Burke. 2. The body of factors in any place; as, a chaplain to a British factory. W. Guthrie.

Additional info about word: FACTORY

1. A house or place where factors, or commercial agents, reside, to transact business for their employers. "The Company's factory at Madras." Burke. 2. The body of factors in any place; as, a chaplain to a British factory. W. Guthrie. 3. A building, or collection of buildings, appropriated to the manufacture of goods; the place where workmen are employed in fabricating goods, wares, or utensils; a manufactory; as, a cotton factory. Factory leg , a variety of bandy leg, associated with partial dislocation of the tibia, produced in young children by working in factories.

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    In a commercial manner.
    1. In which; in which place, thing, time, respect, or the like; -- used relatively. Her clothes wherein she was clad. Chaucer. There are times wherein a man ought to be cautious as well as innocent. Swift. 2. In what; -- used interrogatively. Yet
    At or in whatever place; wheresoever. He can not but love virtue wherever it is. Atterbury.
    The position, distribution, and order of persons and properties on the stage of a theater, as determined by the stage manager in rehearsal. 7. Care; anxiety; diligence. Chaucer. To do one's business, to ruin one. Wycherley. -- To make one's
    1. The act of placing, or the state of being placed. 2. Position; place.
    Having reference to the placenta; as, the placentary system of classification.
    To make a place kick; to make by a place kick. -- Place"-kick`er, n.
    Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations. "Princely commercial houses." Macaulay. Commercial college, a school for giving instruction in commercial
    A little case or bag for materials used in sewing, and for 3. A hussy. Shak. Sailor's housewife, a ditty-bag. (more info) 1. The wife of a householder; the mistress of a family; the female head of a household. Shak. He a good husband, a good
    1. To which; -- used relatively. "Whereto we have already attained." Phil. iii. 16. Whereto all bonds do tie me day by day. Shak. 2. To what; to what end; -- used interrogatively.
    1. Considering that; it being the case that; since; -- used to introduce a preamble which is the basis of declarations, affirmations, commands, requests, or like, that follow. 2. When in fact; while on the contrary; the case being in truth that;
    A feast or merry-making made by or for a family or business firm on taking possession of a new house or premises. Johnson.
    One who transacts, performs, or conducts any business. Derham.
    Wherever; -- a contracted and poetical form. Cowper.
    1. To dwell permanently or for a considerable time; to have a settled abode for a time; to abide continuosly; to have one's domicile of home; to remain for a long time. At the moated grange, resides this dejected Mariana. Shak. In no fixed place
    1. Of or pertaining to a residence or residents; as, residential trade. 2. Residing; residentiary.
    Wood allowed to a tenant for repairing the house and for fuel. This latter is often called firebote. See Bote.
    The office or condition of a residentiary.
    Room or place in a house; as, to give any one houseroom.
    Pertaining or appropriate to a housewife; domestic; economical; prudent. A good sort of woman, ladylike and housewifely. Sir W. Scott.
    Warehouse for storing goods.
    A storehouse for wares, or goods. Addison.
    1. A house established for the convenience of the post, where relays of horses can be obtained. 2. A house for distributing the malls; a post office.
    A house or shelter for fowls.
    Whether. Piers Plowman. Men must enquire , Wher she be wise or sober or dronkelewe. Chaucer.
    A house where beasts are butchered for the market.
    A brothel. Robert Greene.
    A hand containing three of a kind and a pair, as three kings and two tens. It ranks above a flush and below four of a kind.
    1. A house in which a watch or guard is placed. 2. A place where persons under temporary arrest by the police of a city are kept; a police station; a lockup.
    A tiring-room. Shak.
    Precedent. Bacon.
    A house in which tender plants are cultivated and sheltered from the weather.
    The removal of an edge or an angle by one or more planes. (more info) 1. The act of replacing.


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