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Word Meanings - SUPPOSURE - Book Publishers vocabulary database

Supposition; hypothesis; conjecture. Hudibras.

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    One who conjectures. Hobbes.
    An opinion, or judgment, formed on defective or presumptive evidence; probable inference; surmise; guess; suspicion. He would thus have corrected his first loose conjecture by a real study of nature. Whewell. Conjectures, fancies, built on nothing
    Similar to, or in the style of, the poem "Hudibras," by Samuel Butler; in the style of doggerel verse. Macaulay.
    under, a substitution, fr. supponere, suppositium, to put under, to substitute. The word has the meaning corresponding to suppose. See 1. The act of supposing, laying down, imagining, or considering as true or existing, what is known not to be
    Resting on supposition; hypothetical; conjectural; supposed. South.
    A tentative theory or supposition provisionally adopted to explain certain facts, and to guide in the investigation of others; hence, frequently called a working hypothesis. Syn. -- Supposition; assumption. See Theory. Nebular hypothesis. See under
    1. The act of presupposing; an antecedent implication; presumption. 2. That which is presupposed; a previous supposition or surmise.
    A wrong conjecture or guess. Sir T. Browne.


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