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Word Meanings - TETTISH - Book Publishers vocabulary database

Captious; testy. Beau. & Fl.

Related words: (words related to TETTISH)

    Captious disposition or manner.
    In a captious manner.
    Fretful; peevish; petulant; easily irritated. Must I observe you must I stand and crouch Under your testy humor Shak. I was displeased with myself; I was testy. Latimer. (more info) obstinate, headstrong, F. tĂȘtu, fr. OF. teste the head, F. tĂȘte.
    1. Art to catch at faults; disposed to find fault or to cavil; eager to object; difficult to please. A captius and suspicious. Stillingfleet. I am sensible I have not disposed my materials to adbide the test of a captious controversy. Bwike. 2.
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