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Word Meanings - DESIGNATE - Book Publishers vocabulary database

Designated; appointed; chosen. Sir G. Buck.

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    Not having a title or name; without legitimate title. "A titleless tyrant." Chaucer.
    One of a succession of niches or platforms, one above another, to hold ore which is thrown successively from platform to platform, and thus raised to a higher level. 2. pl. (more info) a bench, form, stool, fr. L. scamellum, dim. of scamnum
    In England, the persons appointed, under a commission of bankruptcy, to manage the estate of a bankrupt for the benefit of his creditors. (more info) A person to whom an assignment is made; a person appointed or deputed by another to do some act,
    the month in which female deer are fawning, when hunting is prohibited. Bullokar. -- Fence roof, a covering for defense. "They fitted their shields close to one another in manner of a fence roof." Holland. Fence time, the breeding time of fish or
    Without bounds or confines; illimitable; vast; unlimited. "The boundless sky." Bryant. "The boundless ocean." Dryden. "Boundless rapacity." "Boundless prospect of gain." Macaulay. Syn. -- Unlimited; unconfined; immeasurable; illimitable; infinite.
    The act of investigating; the process of inquiring into or following up; research; study; inquiry, esp. patient or thorough inquiry or examination; as, the investigations of the philosopher and the mathematician; the investigations of the judge,
    One who, or that which, limits or restrains.
    Delineated; portrayed.
    to D. kruipen, G. kriechen, Icel. krjupa, Sw. krypa, Dan. krybe. Cf. 1. To move along the ground, or on any other surface, on the belly, as a worm or reptile; to move as a child on the hands and knees; to crawl. Ye that walk The earth, and stately
    One who suggests. Beau. & Fl.
    Having or bearing a title.
    To cause to disappear from an equation; as, to eliminate an unknown quantity. 3. To set aside as unimportant in a process of inductive inquiry; to leave out of consideration. Eliminate errors that have been gathering and accumulating. Lowth. 4.
    To inclose. See Inclose.
    1. To introduce indirectly to the thoughts; to cause to be thought of, usually by the agency of other objects. Some ideas . . . are suggested to the mind by all the ways of sensation and reflection. Locke. 2. To propose with difference or modesty;
    Designated; appointed; chosen. Sir G. Buck.
    1. Full of shade or shadows; causing shade or shadow. "Shadowy verdure." Fenton. This shadowy desert, unfrequented woods. Shak. 2. Hence, dark; obscure; gloomy; dim. "The shadowy past." Longfellow. 3. Not brightly luminous; faintly light. The moon
    Capable of being allotted.
    Tending to limit.
    Involving a limit; as, a limitive law, one designed to limit existing powers.
    A large truncated cone of refined sugar.
    Kept at home.
    To shadow or typi Dryden.
    Quality or state of being not employed; -- used esp. in economics, of the condition of various social classes when temporarily thrown out of employment, as those engaged for short periods, those whose trade is decaying, and those least competent.
    Outward bound. Dryden.
    To distinguish by a contrast of opposite qualities. These are our complex ideas of soul and body, as contradistinguished. Locke.
    Not distinguishable; not capable of being perceived, known, or discriminated as separate and distinct; hence, not capable of being perceived or known; as, in the distance the flagship was indisguishable; the two copies were indisguishable in form
    A contrivance for producing manifold copies of writing or drawing. The writing or drawing is done with a style carrying a small wheel at the end which makes minute punctures in the paper, thus converting it into a stencil. Copies are transferred
    To define beforehand.
    1. Not limited; having no bounds; boundless; as, an unlimited expanse of ocean. 2. Undefined; indefinite; not bounded by proper exceptions; as, unlimited terms. "Nothing doth more prevail than unlimited generalities." Hooker. 3. Unconfined; not


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