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Word Meanings - SPOONFUL - Book Publishers vocabulary database

1. The quantity which a spoon contains, or is able to contain; as, a teaspoonful; a tablespoonful. 2. Hence, a small quantity. Arbuthnot.

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    As much as teaspoon will hold; enough to fill a teaspoon; -- usually reckoned at a fluid dram or one quarter of a tablespoonful.
    That which is contained; the extent; the substance. The containment of a rich man's estate. Fuller.
    Somewhat small. G. W. Cable.
    Whether one or another; whether one or the other; which; that one which; as, whichever road you take, it will lead you to town.
    The yautia.
    1. The attribute of being so much, and not more or less; the property of being measurable, or capable of increase and decrease, multiplication and division; greatness; and more concretely, that which answers the question "How much"; measure in
    A man's garment for the hips and thighs; breeches. See Breeches.
    A container.
    the root of hwa who + lic body; hence properly, of what sort or kind; akin to OS. hwilik which, OFries. hwelik, D. welk, G. welch, OHG. welih, hwelih, Icel. hvilikr, Dan. & Sw. hvilken, Goth. hwileiks, 1. Of what sort or kind; what; what a; who.
    A contagious, constitutional, febrile disease characterized by a peculiar eruption; variola. The cutaneous eruption is at first a collection of papules which become vesicles (first flat, subsequently umbilicated) and then pustules, and finally thick
    Dan. spaan, Sw. spån, Icel. spánn, spónn, a chip, a spoon. sq. 1. An implement consisting of a small bowl with a handle, used especially in preparing or eating food. "Therefore behoveth him a full long spoon That shall eat with a fiend," thus
    1. The quantity which a spoon contains, or is able to contain; as, a teaspoonful; a tablespoonful. 2. Hence, a small quantity. Arbuthnot.
    In a spoony manner.
    ending; cf. -wards), also hen, henne, hennen, heonnen, heonene, AS. heonan, heonon, heona, hine; akin to OHG. hinnan, G. hinnen, OHG. 1. From this place; away. "Or that we hence wend." Chaucer. Arise, let us go hence. John xiv. 31. I will send
    Capable of being contained or comprised. Boyle.
    The mountain laurel .
    A gephyrean worm of the genus Thalassema, having a spoonlike probiscis.
    Spray blown from the tops waves during a gale at sea; also, snow driven in the wind at sea; -- written also spindrift.
    A biennial umbelliferous plant native of the seacoats of Europe and Asia. When deprived of its acrid and even poisonous properties by cultivation, it becomes celery.
    A small spoon used in stirring and sipping tea, coffee, etc., and for other purposes.
    From hence.
    From, or forth from, what or which place; whence. Spenser.
    In a dismal manner; gloomily; sorrowfully; uncomfortably.
    From that place.
    Having all the essential working parts connected by a bedplate or framework, or contained in a case, etc., so that mutual relations of the parts do not depend upon fastening outside of the machine itself. Self-contained steam engine.
    A spoon of the largest size commonly used at the table; -- distinguished from teaspoon, dessert spoon, etc.
    see -wards) thennes, thannes , AS. thanon, thanan, thonan; akin to OHG. dannana, dannan, danan, and G. 1. From that place. "Bid him thence go." Chaucer. When ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them. Mark


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