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Munafa ebook

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Words: 88235 in 46 pages

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Take two pieces of white paper, about the size of a sixpence, and moisten them well on both sides. Put one on the first joint of each forefinger, just at the root of the nail, and place these fingers on the edge of the table, straight out, while the rest are closed up under the hands.

Then say:

"Two little dickey birds sat on the sill, One named Jack--t'other named Jill! Fly away, Jack!"

Close the right forefinger, and with the middle finger remove the paper and retain it there, while the forefinger is quickly replaced in the first position to show the veritable flight of Jack. Then say,

"Fly away, Jill!"

And repeat with the left forefinger. Then say:

"Come back, Jack!"

And take the piece of paper from the right middle finger upon the forefinger as at first, and replace it on the table.

"Come back, Jill."

The same with the other hand. Then conclude:

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