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?, the a of father. a, the u of hut. ?, the a of hat. ?, the ei of their. e, the e of met. ?, the ee of meet. i, the i of hit. ?, the o of post. o, the o of pot. ?, the o of word. ?, the aw of law. ?, the oo of moon. u, the u of full. ?, the German vowel. ai, the i of bite. au, the ou of house. ei, the a of date. eu, the French diphthong. oi, the oy of boy.


b, as in English. ch, the ch of church. d, used in the text for the English sound and also for the lingual consonant ?. f, as in English. g, the g of sing. gg, the g of finger. gh, the ch of ich. h, used for a sound of doubtful nature . j, as in English. k, as in English. kh, the ch of auch. l, used in the text for the English sound and for the lingual consonant ?. m, as in English. n, as in English. ?, a nasal n, as in French. p, } as in r, } English. s, a sound resembling the English s. sh, as in English. t, as in English and also for the lingual ?. th the th both of though and throw. v, } as in w, } English. z, the z of zeal. zh, the si of occasion.

I do not use the plurals of Toda words, either in the English form or in that proper to the Toda language; thus, I write "the two palol" and not "the two palols" or "the two palolam."

The names printed in the same type as K?rs are those of Toda villages; the names in italics, as Nanjanad are those of Badaga villages; the names in small black type, as Ootacamund are those of towns with a general population, or of d?k bungalows.


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