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Ebook: Self Publishing and Traditional Publishing, complete guide for 2024
What will you learn in the ebook?
1. Rules of publishing game. Nobody will tell you this truth. Nobody will tell you this secret. Approaching an agent is not the only way to become a successful and published author. There is another way. Most people and websites will tell you to choose between self publishing and traditional publishing. In this chapter, I will prove all of them wrong. I will show you the proof. Even I didn’t know this until I did research for this book and my eyes went wide in shock by what I found.

2. How to turn your idea into a book draft. You find out the step by step process, from start to end, to convert a simple idea into a complete and marketable book.

3. Technique of writing. You will learn how to write a grabbing first chapter, writing spit drafts, building the plot, building characters, rhythm of writing, art of writing dialogues to put life in your characters, handling sensitive subjects, and a memorable ending.

4. Plotting the book. Learn how to plot the story itself.

5. Finalizing the book. You learn editting, writing second or third drafts, what to cut and what to keep.

6. Show not tell. Everyone says that, but what does it mean and how you can master the technique.

7. How to write an eye catching title for your book This is more important than you think it is. It’s even more important than the blurb and the book cover.

8. How to write a blurb for your book which attracts readers and makes them buy the book.

9. Importance of book cover, and what it should and should not convey to potential buyers. And also how and where to find additional teaser images for marketing, quick and cheap, sometimes even for free.

10. How to build a brand of your own name. Being known as a knowledgeable, respected, and popular author will not hurt you, will it? In fact, this is the most important step, and probably the most ignored amongst novice authors.

11. How to market the book on a budget. Strategies and tactics, to make those first 10,000 dollars in sales, and then shoot for 100,000 dollars, and then for a million.

12. How to use Google and Youtube to promote your book online, sitting at home.

13. How to build an email list, and triple your book sales

14. Using website to promote your books. Free or paid resources to help new or established authors. Some difficult looking things are actually easy to do. You just need to have the right tool!

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