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Word Meanings - ELDERSHIP - Book Publishers vocabulary database

1. The state of being older; seniority. "Paternity an eldership." Sir W. Raleigh. 2. Office of an elder; collectively, a body of elders.

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    Of or pertaining to a period; constituting a complete sentence. Periodic comet , a comet that moves about the sun in an elliptic orbit; a comet that has been seen at two of its approaches to the sun. -- Periodic function , a function whose values
    The quality or state of being senior.
    Surrounding the teeth.
    1. The quality of being ancient; ancientness; great age; as, a statue of remarkable antiquity; a family of great antiquity. 2. Old age. It not your voice broken . . . and every part about you blasted with antiquity Shak. 3. Ancient times; former
    See ADAMS
    A division of time characterized by the prevalence of similar conditions of the earth; commonly a minor division or part of a period. The long geological epoch which stored up the vast coal measures. J. C. Shairp. The date at which a planet or comet
    1. The quality or state of being prior or antecedent in time, or of preceding something else; as, priority of application. 2. Precedence; superior rank. Shak. Priority of debts, a superior claim to payment, or a claim to payment before others.
    One of the great divisions of geological time; as, the Tertiary period; the Glacial period. See the Chart of Geology. 4. The termination or completion of a revolution, cycle, series of events, single event, or act; hence, a limit; a bound; an end;
    1. A hundred; as, a century of sonnets; an aggregate of a hundred things. And on it said a century of prayers. Shak. 2. A period of a hundred years; as, this event took place over two centuries ago. Note: Century, in the reckoning of time, although
    In a periodical manner.
    The quality, state, or condition of being superior; as, superiority of rank; superiority in merit. Syn. -- Preƫminence; excellence; predominancy; prevalence; ascendency; odds; advantage.
    An iodide containing a higher proportion of iodine than any other iodide of the same substance or series.
    The formation or production of any geometrical magnitude, as a line, a surface, a solid, by the motion, in accordance with a mathematical law, of a point or a magnitude; as, the generation of a line or curve by the motion of a point, of a surface
    Belonging to an epoch; of the nature of an epoch. "Epochal points." Shedd.
    A table or other means for calculating the periodical functions of women. Dunglison.
    A salt of periodic acid.
    Ancestors; ancestry. 4. The amount or number by which one aggregate exceeds all other aggregates with which it is contrasted; especially, the number by which the votes for a successful candidate exceed those for all other candidates; as,
    The quality or state of being periodical, or regularly recurrent; as, the periodicity in the vital phenomena of plants. Henfrey.
    1. The state of being older; seniority. "Paternity an eldership." Sir W. Raleigh. 2. Office of an elder; collectively, a body of elders.
    A remedy possessing the property of preventing the return of periodic paroxysms, or exacerbations, of disease, as in intermittent fevers.
    A subdivision of the Niagara period in the American upper Silurian, characterized by the formations known as the Oneida conglomerate, and the Medina sandstone. See the Chart of Geology.
    Act of ingenerating.
    A period in the American eocene, the lowest in the tertiary age except the lignitic.
    A subdivision of the Quaternary age immediately following the Glacial period; -- so named from beds near Lake Champlain. Note: The earlier deposits of this period are diluvial in character, as if formed in connection with floods attending
    That condition of a tissue or an organ in which its vitality has become either diminished or perverted; a substitution of a lower for a higher form of structure; as, fatty degeneration of the liver. (more info) 1. The act or state of growing worse,
    A subdivision or the American Upper Silurian system, embracing the Medina, Clinton, and Niagara epoch. The rocks of the Niagara epoch, mostly limestones, are extensively distributed, and at Niagara Falls consist of about eighty feet of
    The act of begetting; propagation.
    A form of degeneration occurring in nerve fibers as a result of their division; -- so called from Dr. Waller, who published an account of it in 1850.
    An epoch at the close of the Canadian period of the American Lower Silurian system; -- so named from a township in Clinton Co., New York. See the Diagram under Geology.


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