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Word Meanings - GROVELING - Book Publishers vocabulary database

Lying prone; low; debased. "A groveling creature." Cowper.

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    In a squalid manner.
    The quality or state of being sordid.
    An iron or pope thimble or grommet worked into or attached to the edges and corners of a sail; -- usually in the plural. The cringles are used for making fast the bowline bridles, earings, etc. (more info) 1. A withe for fastening a gate.
  • FAWN
    A servile cringe or bow; mean flattery; sycophancy. Shak.
    The state or quality of being miserable.
    1. Cast down; low-lying. From the safe shore their floating carcasses And broken chariot wheels; so thick bestrown Abject and lost lay these, covering the flood. Milton. 2. Sunk to a law condition; down in spirit or hope; degraded; servile;
    In a fawning manner.
    In a servile manner; slavishly.
    Quality or state of being squalid.
    1. Very unhappy; wretched. What hopes delude thee, miserable man Dryden. 2. Causing unhappiness or misery. What 's more miserable than discontent Shak. 3. Worthless; mean; despicable; as, a miserable fellow; a miserable dinner. Miserable comforters
    1. In the condition of, or like, a beggar; suitable for a beggar; extremely indigent; poverty-stricken; mean; poor; contemptible. "A bankrupt, beggarly fellow." South. "A beggarly fellowship." Swift. "Beggarly elements." Gal. iv. 9. 2. Produced
    Fit or deserving to be despised; contemptible; mean; vile; worthless; as, a despicable man; despicable company; a despicable gift. Syn. -- Contemptible; mean; vile; worthless; pitiful; paltry; sordid; low; base. See Contemptible.
    Quality of being servile; servility.
    Of or pertaining to slaves; such as becomes or befits a slave; servile; excessively laborious; as, a slavish life; a slavish dependance on the great. -- Slav"ish*ly, adv. -- Slav"ish*ness, n.
    1. Filthy; foul; dirty. A sordid god; down from his hoary chin A length of beard descends, uncombed, unclean. Dryden. 2. Vile; base; gross; mean; as, vulgar, sordid mortals. "To scorn the sordid world." Milton. 3. Meanly avaricious; covetous;
    1. One who is cast out or expelled; an exile; one driven from home, society, or country; hence, often, a degraded person; a vagabond. The Lord . . . gathereth together the outcasts of Israel. Ps. cxlvii. 2. A quarrel; a contention. Jamieson.
    Deprivation of rank or office; degradation. Milton.
    Of the color of a fawn; light yellowish brown.
    In a wretched manner; miserably; despicable.
    The quality or state of being squalid; foulness; filthiness.
    To exceed in fawning.
    adv., on the face, prone, which was misunderstood as a p. pr.; cf. OE. gruf, groff, in the same sense; of Scand. origin, cf. Icel. 1. To creep on the earth, or with the face to the ground; to lie prone, or move uneasily with the body prostrate


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